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Eight Lies Trump Wants You To Believe

As you engage with a narcissist, you quickly realize that person has an agenda for you. What's worse, the agenda is built upon false assumptions about who you are supposed to be. Psychotherapist Dr. Les Carter exposes eight of the most common lies narcissists can feed you, with the hope that you can break free from their domineering ways.

Clean Energy Jobs

On February 6th, we’ll go to the Oregon Capitol to tell lawmakers passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill is the biggest, boldest thing we can do to protect our climate, create good-paying local jobs, and hold big polluters accountable.


Science has given us two “smoking guns” that provide the solid proof laying the blame squarely on fossil fuels. They are easy to understand, and no part of either proof is in any dispute. Here are your two talking points that will make you invincible in any global warming conversation.

Greg Walden, Jaime McLeod-Skinner agree to debate in Bend

Almost two months after Jamie McLeod-Skinner publicly challenged U.S. Rep. Greg Walden to debate her, the 10-term incumbent has agreed to a televised debate in Bend.

Doctors for Jamie McLeod-Skinner

A group of physicians in our district is asking for a change this November—because it's time for a representative that prioritizes our health over corporate special interests.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner's Town Hall Excerpts on Healthcare

At a recent virtual Town Hall, Jamie McLeod-Skinner discussed her views on healthcare and other key issues facing citizens of District 2. Links have been provided so you can learn more about Jamie's platform and how to contact her to learn about future meetings and events.

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