What's Happening In Our Neck Of The Woods

What's Going on around Sunriver and Central Oregon District Five

Important Dates

October 18th - Last day to update your registration

October 19th - Ballots go in the mail

November 8th - General Election

Republican Manifesto 2022 & Beyond

Written by Rick Scott, Senator from Florida, this document lays out the Republican Agenda.


Brian Lepore for HD 55

I see every day the impact of drought and wildfire on my community. It is a struggle to make a living in rural America today. We need investments in education, healthcare, and housing as well as new approaches to protecting our water and natural resources. I feel it's my responsibility to stand up for this district and state that I’ve come to know and love.


Tina Kotek for Governor

Tina Kotek is Oregon’s proven progressive fighter. The first openly lesbian Speaker of any State House in the country, Tina raised the minimum wage, passed paid family leave, and voted to put Oregon on a path to 100% clean electricity. Now she’s running for Governor to continue building a future of opportunity and justice for every Oregonian.


Christina Stephenson for Labor Commissioner

I am a small business owner, civil rights attorney, and working mom. I know Salem isn't doing enough for working families and businesses hard-hit by inflation; but as Labor Commissioner, I will put them first.


Jamie McLeod-Skinner for U.S. CD5

Jamie will stand up to anyone – even her own party – to get the job done for Oregonians.

  • * Taking on big corporations that price-gouge to lower the cost of living.
  • * Reducing healthcare costs and prescription drug prices.
  • * Implementing real solutions for tackling crime.
  • * Acting on climate solutions to stop out-of-control wildfires.
  • * Protecting reproductive choice and our fundamental personal freedoms.


Morgan Schmidt for Commissioner

“I’m running for County Commissioner because I believe in us. The current political climate wants to set us against one another and fill us with fear - I don’t buy it. It’s time to hope again, and put that hope into action so that everyone who lives in Deschutes County can thrive here. Working together, we can be a force for good.”


Oliver Tatom for Deschutes Commissioner

We can produce abundant housing and protect our public lands. We can supply water to our farms and preserve streamflows in our rivers. We can show compassion and maintain accountability. We can overcome the challenges before us to create a safe and sustainable Deschutes County, but only if we commit to collaborating for the common good.