The total number of Neighborhood Leaders (NLs) in Deschutes County is 240. Of those,216 participated in this election. This is a participation rate of 90%, which is excellent. Other counties are trying strategies toachieve an 80% participation rate. The reasons for ournon-participation vary widely and are certainly legitimate.



TURNOUT IFCONTACTED 91.7%  (Face to Face)



The 216participating NLs were scheduled to visit 7,910 doors. There are 11,710 Dem voters behind those doors or an average of 1.48 Dem votersat each door.

The ATTEMPTS rate of 93% reflects the doors actually visited by NLs as recorded onall of the NL’s websites. This is an excellent rate and shows allof the campaigns that NLP is a reliable door to door operation. The main reason for this rate being below 100% is NLs not reporting their visits on their websites.

The CONTACT RATE reflects the number of Face to Face contacts as recorded onthe NL’s websites. 53% is also a very good rate and is more than double the contact rate normally found in a standard canvass. This shows that our repeated attempts paid significant dividends.

The TOTAL DEMTURNOUT IN NEIGHBORHOODS rate of 86.5% is simply outstanding.This is 4.5% higher than our celebrated turnout of 82% in 2014, andputs us as the 5th highest turnout in the state. BentonCounty, which is Corvallis, came in at 87.3%. Kudos to them. They’re clearly doing something right. I’ll be calling them. After that comes Gilliam and Wheeler Counties whose combined total of Dem.voters is less than 600. Give them credit. They beat us. Hood RiverCounty is next. This is the only other county that Jamie won.

TOTAL DEM TURNOUT IN COUNTY 85%. This is a good number to gauge our actual performance. As you can see, the difference between our turnout and that of the rest of the Dems in the county is +1.5%

That may not sound like much but, consider this; there were campaigns for Governor, U.S. House (Jamie, who’s campaign in Deschutes County was extensive), Oregon House 53, 2 County Commissioners, Bend Mayor and 2 City Councilors, 1 Redmond City Council, and the Redmond School Bond.

All of thosecampaigns combined didn’t reach our level of turnout. Thinkof that! This is a direct and profound statement about the quality ofyour work. Your efforts have become fundamental for any campaign and ring loudly across the state.

Finally, our most prized number is:

TURNOUT IF CONTACTED 91.7% (Face to Face). It’s really hard to attach adjectives to this number. Stupendous, colossal, spectacular come to mind. Usual also comes to mind.

CONCLUSION: An honest review of your performance can only be regarded with the highest esteem. You agreed to walk in very high numbers, and you delivered votes in striking fashion. You walked your talk, literally. NLP is an integral, if not a vital part of every campaign operating in Deschutes County. You stand ready. You exceed any comparison.  The difference you make is incalculable.