How to Help Democrats Around the Country

Here are some PACTIVISM options for our beloved DemOC PAC community. We have at least one opportunity a week to make a difference for:

(1) local Congressional races,

(2) vital swing states to flip the Senate, and

(3) President(s) Biden & Harris. We are the roots of the Democratic party...please get involved, stay focused, and let's get these wins!!

Tuesdays Are for Texting!

Ease into your week by reaching hundreds of voters in minutes! Have fun texting fellow Americans in swing states about our vision for a Biden/Harris country full of goodness. You will use your computer for this activity, preferably using a Google Chrome browser, and you may have to navigate between 2-3 open tabs.

 Sign up for "2020 Victory National Text Team Training" here:

Once you are trained, 2020 Victory National Text Team will send you a link to sign up for a shift at your convenience. To get all the links form the campaign in advance, set your shift for this time:  Every Tuesday, 11am - 1pm (Pacific Time) text voters while hanging out with Julie on Zoom -- if you can handle all the multi-tasking!

Wednesdays Are for The Wins!

OC Congressional Candidate Phone Banks Every Wed., 5 - 8pm PT.    You will need a computer and a phone for this activity.

Make calls with other DemOC PAC friends!

Harley Rouda Virtual Phone Bank with Roni - Sign up here:

Katie Porter Virtual Phone Bank with Julie - Sign up here:

Fridays are for Flipping Florida:

Flip the State House and Get 29 Electoral College Votes for Biden!
Write Letters via this Swing Left - Vote Forward Collaboration

You will need a computer, printer, paper, envelopes and stamps for this activity.

More info about Flipping Florida campaign here:

Sign up here to write letters:

Saturdays are for Swing States

Make calls to voters to help elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats down the ballot this November. Calls will rotate through different swing states between now and Nov. 3. The training is exceptional, and the conversations you'll have with voters could not be more important!

Call Crew Training lin

Once you are trained, go here to make calls:

Every Saturday, 9-11am (Pacific Time) Julie will be making calls and hopes to see you on the campaign's slack channel!

NOTE: The Dem Dialer is a great technology once you learn it! In order to make calls, you'll need the following:

  • A computer: a desktop, laptop, or tablet. IMPORTANT: please use Chrome or  Firefox as your web browser, NOT Safari, which does not work with the Dialer. (If you're using an iPad, be sure to download the free Chrome app to use as your web browser.)
  • A phone (cell phone or landline) for audio - note that the calls will NOT show your number or contact info, but you do need the phone to connect with the DemDialer
  • Headphones, optional but recommended for comfort and ease of use.

Postcards to Voters: If all else fails and/or sitting at your computer is starting to crush your soul, you can always write postcards in batches of 20 to key races around the country via Postcards to Voters. This is an activity you can do on your own, or organize with friends in real life or via virtual calls. Check it out at