Indivisible Endorses Jamie Mcleod-Skinner

Last night Indivisible groups' work paid off in two endorsed races: Jeramey Anderson advanced to become the Democratic nominee in MS-04. And Harley Rouda is the leading Democrat in a tough jungle primary in CA-48 (against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher), with ballots still being counted.

Super (primary) Tuesday hit eight states -- Alabama, California, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota -- in the biggest primary night before the midterms. And Indivisibles from coast to coast continued to flex their political muscle and show that we’re ready to not just fight for policy change, but to change who writes policies in Washington and statehouses across the country.

And today, we’re excited to announce eight more Indivisible-endorsed candidates who’ll join Jeramey and (hopefully!) Harley (and the five other candidates who’ve won their primaries thus far!). Each of these candidates will fight for:

✔️For universal health care coverage
✔️For permanent protections for Dreamers
✔️For campaign finance reform
✔️To raise the minimum wage
✔️To repeal Trump’s open-ended war authority
✔️To end Trump’s Muslim Ban

Here are our latest IndivisiCandidates, voted on and endorsed by Indivisibles in the states and districts these candidates wish to represent (read their bios here!):

Peter Joffrion (AL-05): Peter is committed to criminal justice reforms that address failed policies that target communities of color, acknowledge drug abuse and addiction as public health crises, and eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing. Last night, Joffrion became the official nominee, moving on to challenge Republican incumbent, Mo Brooks. He is endorsed by not one, not two, not three… but FIVE Indivisible groups.
Lisa Ring (GA-01): Lisa won her May primary with 60% of the vote after shoring up a long list of endorsements from grassroots and progressive organizations. She’s running on a bona fide progressive platform in a deep, deep red district -- she supports Medicare for All, women’s reproductive choice, and criminal justice reform. She’ll face off against Rep. Buddy Carter, the seventh-wealthiest member of Congress (oh, and he voted for the Tax Scam!), in November.
Tahirah Amatul-Wadud (MA-01): Tahirah’s a first-time candidate and deeply rooted community activist challenging the status-quo to take on Democratic Rep. Richard Neal in the primary, who’s represented the district since 1988. She’s a Springfield-based attorney dedicated to fighting for residents of Western Massachusetts, and will be a fierce advocate for rural residents of the district. She’ll face Rep. Neal in the September primary.
Rob Davidson (MI-02): As an emergency room physician, Rob has first-hand experience with the struggles families with medical emergencies can encounter, and he supports universal healthcare for all. He’s vying for the Democratic nomination in August 7’s primary to take on Rep. Huizenga, who voted to strip 38,000 of his constituents of healthcare, in the midterms.
Tedra Cobb (NY-21): A former member of the Saint Lawrence County legislature, Tedra made the decision to run for higher office when Rep. Elise Stefanik cast her vote for Trumpcare last July (risking the healthcare of 37,000 residents of NY-21!). She’ll face off against four other Democrats in the June 26 primary, but Indivisibles in the North Country are excited to support Tedra for her commitment to fighting for healthcare, defending education and human rights, and protecting the environment.
Jamie McLeod Skinner (OR-02): Jamie’s been on the road full-time since July 2017 talking to future constituents in all 20 counties of the nation's sixth-largest congressional district, and knows how to connect with voters on both sides of the urban-rural divide. She won her primary on May 15 and will face 20-year incumbent Rep. Greg Walden in November. Walden cast a vote for TrumpCare last July, which would’ve left 67,000 of his constituents without healthcare.
Dayna Steele (TX-36): Dayna won the primary in March and hopes to become the first woman to represent Texas’ 36th District in Congress. She plans to bring her experience as a businesswoman and working mom to Congress by fighting to make sure kids have the resources they need to succeed in school, and she’s committed to gun violence prevention.
Beto O’Rourke (TX-Sen): Beto’s a fourth-generation Texan, born and raised in El Paso. He’s focused on standing up for real Texas values: making sure that everyone in the state -- no matter the color of their skin -- has a fair shot at success. He’s represented Texas’ 16th District since 2013 and hopes to unseat Ted Cruz on a campaign fueled by progressive, grassroots enthusiasm (and not corporate PACs!).

We’ve endorsed 8 more candidates. What’s next?

Many of these endorsed candidates are facing off in tough races, but we cannot stress enough how your time, energy, and investment can shape these races. Your endorsements are votes of confidence that can shrink margins, alter the course of support from Democratic institutions, and push candidates onto the national stage. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say again for everyone in the back: Indivisible groups are the secret weapons behind these campaigns!

If your group has made a locally-led endorsement and you want to nominate a candidate for national consideration, there’s still time. You have until Wednesday, June 30, at 11:59pm ET to nominate a federal (House or Senate) or gubernatorial candidate for a national endorsement.

Submit your nomination here to be considered in our third round of endorsements.

Indivisible groups not coordinating with political campaigns can now sign up for to use scalable voter contact tools (sign up to use the VAN here!). We’ve tested the tools and trainings during the early primaries (California Indivisibles used them to make 13,000 contacts with voters in 3 districts ahead of last night’s primaries!) to inform our general election and get out the vote efforts. As we get closer to the midterms, our organizing team will:

Provide access to canvassing and phonebanking tools to members of every Indivisible group.Train and guide Indivisible groups on using these resources to grow their membership, build your power, and, yes, win elections.Build a national volunteer peer-to-peer text-banking and phonebanking program that could reach millions of voters.

We’ve endorsed 23 candidates thus far -- 9 are moving on to November and a dozen more have primaries in the coming weeks. All of it builds up to our massive, collective demonstration of political power on November 6. So as we celebrate one election night, and move on to the next, be proud and excited about all the work you’ve done thus far… and, as we saw last night, all the w-i-n-n-i-n-g ahead!

In solidarity, The Indivisible Team