Join Phone Bank for Jamie Mcleod-Skinner

The goal of this phone bank is to ask 3 brief survey questions to get a feel for issues that effect our district and how people plan on voting in the general election. At this point we are only targeting Democrats.



Go top the following link: 


Use your ACTION ID or Create a New one:

When you click on the link, it will take you to a log-on page where you will need to use your current Action ID (if you have one from minivan for example) and if not, just set-up a new account VAN (using your email and creating your own password). Once you input your email address, a verification email will be sent to your email. Go to your email and verify the email and then continue with the set-up process. Once your email and password are established, you will be placed directly into the phone banking script.



Virtual phone banking can be accessed via a smart phone or a computer, it is your choice.



The first name to call will come up on the screen, it will include their age, sex, city they vote in and party affiliation (DEM). If you are using mobile access, there is a “view” on the top right for more information.


Record your results (no contact):

Unable to reach: Use the drop-down menu "I couldn't reach [NAME]" in RED font.” Pick the best answer (not home, disconnected, wrong number).

If you do not speak with someone and reach an answering machine leave the following message:

Hi, I'm calling from the Jamie McLeod-Skinner's for congress campaign. Our website is jamiefororegon.comWe will follow up with you later. Have a great day!


Record your results (contact):

1.      Planning to vote – drop down menu, choose yes, no or unsure

2.      Planning to vote for Jamie – drop down menu, choose a ranking 1-5 (1 is strong support, 2 leaning support, 3 unsure, 4 leaning no, 5 strong no or supporting other)

3.      I’m going to list some federal issues. Please tell me your top two: click on the two issues they pick.


Once you are done with your calls, just select log-out. Be sure to save this email so you can return to this call list in the future when you want to make more calls.


Additional resources:

Jamie’s short Biography

Jamie’s Position Statements

Jamie’s resume

Website Policy Statements/Values


You're such an important part of this campaign, and we hope you know that.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.

Brenna Schmidt (Field Organizer/Volunteer Coordinator)

(503) 935-7741


Call script:

Call Script: Democrats


Hi, I’m a volunteer with the Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress campaign (“Mick-Cloud”). We’re calling to hear your thoughts about the future of our country. This should only take about 1-2 minutes of your time. Can I proceed with the questions?

1.      Are you planning to vote in the General election? (November 6th, 2018)

2.      Are you planning on voting for the Democratic nominee Jamie McLeod-Skinner?

3.      I’m going to list some federal issues. Please tell me your top 2: Jobs, education, healthcare, public lands, environment, veterans, immigration/DACA, LNG pipeline (Jackson & Klamath Co).

Thank you for your time!