Oregon Student's Bill (SB 501)

Oregon State Senator Wagner and State Representative Salinas, the courageous chief petitioners of the Oregon Students' Bill (SB 501), are already under heavy attack by extremist gun owners.

Egged on by a local, anti-Semitic gun lobby, gun owners from Oregon and around the country are harassing the legislators and using threats of violence to intimidate them. Some gun owners have even shown up at the legislators' private homes to deliver their messages of hate.

Senator Wagner and Representative Salinas need to know that we have their backs and we support them!

Please call or email Senator Wagner and Representative Salinas to thank them for their support of strong, effective legislation to prevent gun violence.

Senator Wagner: 503-986-1719 or email him.

Representative Salinas: 504-986-1438 or email her.

The Students' Bill includes permit-to-purchase (licensing); limits high-capacity magazines to 5 rounds; limits gun purchases to one handgun and one rifle or shotgun per month; limits ammunition purchase to 20 rounds (exception for shooting ranges); mandates secure storage of guns; mandates reporting lost or stolen guns (to reduce gun trafficking); a 14 day waiting period between time of firearm purchase and possession; and more.

It's important that we show our legislators support AND that Oregonians have serious conversations about the need for this legislation.

Read about The Students' Bill here.

Please take a few minutes today and thank our brave legislators.

Penny Okamoto

Ceasefire Oregon