Oregon's Cultural Sector is Preparing for a CRITICAL 2019 Legislative Session

Greetings friends of Oregon's arts, culture, heritage and the humanities!

I hope this winter season finds you in peaceful reflection on the treasures that make Oregon special...and I hope that every one of you gets to experience a great cultural happening this season.

You have been a friend to the Cultural Advocacy Coalition and we are grateful to have a statewide coalition working to remind policymakers of the importance of public support for the cultural sector.  

The upcoming 2019 legislative session is a big one for us -- the tax credit that funds Oregon's Cultural Trust is up for renewal, as are important tax credits for historic preservation projects.  We need to continue to fight for strong funding of the Oregon Arts Commission and the other state agencies which touch our mission.  The competition is steep in these times of tight budgets and we must remind policymakers of the impact of creative expression for every one of our residents, as well as the economic and social impact that arts and culture contribute to Oregon's strength.

We are entirely member funded.  As a grassroots advocacy coalition we depend on your support.  If you are not already a member of the CAC, we urge you to join us in making our case to policymakers in 2019.  Please stand with us in support of public funding to help artists, culture sharers, county and tribal cultural commissions, nonprofits and community partners across this state to continue to contribute their gifts so all Oregonians can benefit.  

Thank you for considering membership with a donation of $50 or more to sustain this important work.  You can become a member or renew your membership by sending a donation to PO Box 9160, Portland, Oregon, 97207 or you can give at www.oregonculture.org/membership.

With your help, we can protect the Cultural Trust and Oregon's cultural assets for future generations.

Sue Hildick, Executive Director

P.S.  Please mark your calendar for our Arts and Culture Advocacy Day on April 23, 2019at the State Capitol!